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Actress Marissa Jaret Winokur Shows Off Nearly 50-Lb. Weight Loss!

Actress Marissa Jaret Winokur Shows Off Nearly 50-Lb. Weight Loss!

“Hairspray” star Marissa Jaret Winokur is focusing on her health and losing weight in quarantine!

The actress posted before and after pics on her Instagram page, revealing she’s dropped nearly 50 lbs.

“If you have been following my story’s you know how hard I have been working out with Keith Anthony to get healthy,” she wrote. “Truth Covid scares me. I checked off all the boxes, I am HIGH RISK! So I started working out at home with Keith via zoom classes and eating healthy to have a fighting chance.”

She continued, “In all honestly I also needed something to focus on have a goal. 6 months later I have lost almost 50 pounds. We have been here before. I was scared to post photos, it’s really one day at a time for me when it comes to food. But I thought, Covid isn’t over we are all sitting ducks maybe I could inspire someone ANYONE to chose to fight! Forget how amazing this dress looks.”

Marissa said she hasn’t had asthma in months, but her “anxiety is at an all-time high,” because of the state of our country.

“The hour or two a day I focus on working out my sadness turns to productive energy.” The cancer survivor added, “getting my self as strong as possible to fight it at least makes me FEEL like I am doing something . It makes me FEEL like if I can kick cancers ass I can do this too. Thank you for always being part of my YO-YO journey. I can only say Today I feel strong. Today I feel like I can do anything . Today I don’t bury my head , I will workout and email our senators wear a mask and make sure Family and friends VOTE !!”