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Katy Perry Talks Finding Her 'Smile' Again

Katy Perry Talks Finding Her 'Smile' Again

Singer Katy Perry is expecting her first child, a baby girl with Orlando Bloom, any day now. In the meantime, she has another reason to celebrate — her new album, "Smile" is set to be released August 28.

"Extra's" Jenn Lahmers spoke with Perry, who has been open about her struggles with depression. She admitted, "It's not, like, forever gone; it's a constant nurturing."

Explaining how social media has affected her, Perry said, "I think social media has been quite interesting on people's minds… To be really clear, like, a lot of that trickled into my own way of thinking in 2017 and 2018 and I became very depressed and went through the darkest time of my life."

Perry has found a way to work past the pain with her new music, saying, "The reason the record is called 'Smile' is because I literally lost my smile and I had to go on that journey to find it again."

'The record definitely has a lot of moments of hopefulness and light and resilience, and I know that for me, music has always been… a way to manage my emotions or understand them better," Katy added.

When asked how pregnancy has changed the way she looks at her body and her views of what women's bodies are capable of, Katy answered, "Women are just so many beautiful things and can handle so much and are adaptable, and the weight — I mean speaking of weight — I look back at pictures and some of the music videos I got to do for this record before I was pregnant… At that time, I thought I was a little chunky and now I'm 45 pounds later, so…"

Perry also offered an update on Orlando, who she says is doing okay after losing his dog Mighty. The dog got out of a backyard in which he was playing with another dog, and Bloom later found his collar, which led him to believe Mighty had probably died.

Pointing out that Orlando went through great lengths to find his dog, she said, "He naturally plays… these hero characters and… really stepping into that role in real life is a real test… It's a lot."

It hasn't been the best year for a lot of people. Still optimistic, Katy said of 2020, "I’m not writing it off… I got a record coming… [and] my little album cover that I love so much."