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Nicholas Kontaxis’ Bright & Bold Art Is as Moving as His Story

Nicholas Kontaxis’ Bright & Bold Art Is as Moving as His Story
Courtesy Nicholas Kontaxis

Artist Nicholas Kontaxis’ bright and bold impressionist paintings have caught the eye of collectors, celebrities, and big companies, and it turns out his backstory is just as moving as his work.

Kontaxis’ large-scale pieces have been shown in solo exhibits from L.A. to London, collectors include Roger Federer and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, not to mention commissioned pieces for Adidas and the L.A. Chargers.

Courtesy Nicholas Kontaxis

The 24-year-old, who prefers to use Heavy Body Acrylic paints and pallet knives, actually started painting out of necessity.

Nicholas was born with a brain tumor that has caused 50,000 seizures throughout his life. Painting was a way for him to participate safely in the workforce, an avenue of expression, and helped him to re-engage after a seizure.

His mom Krisann previously opened up to Big Life Magazine about her son’s work, explaining, “Naturally he’s really joyful, happy, and sweet. We always tried to keep him moving after the seizures. Do some clapping. Get his hands moving. We never thought that it would lead to painting but it makes sense how it did.”

Courtesy of Nicholas Kontaxis

She added, “Some days he has a lot of energy and he’ll paint standing up with a lot of fluidity. And sometimes, especially after a seizure, he has to stay on the ground and work on large canvases sitting down. His paintings change with his illness as well. The incredible thing, that means the most to all of us, is that people are liking his paintings because of imperfections.”

“Extra” is a big fan of Nicholas’ work, too. During Renee Bargh’s recent interview with Jenni Pulos, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful, vibrant painting hanging in the background.


Not only was it a Kontaxis piece, but it turns out Jenni is Nicholas’ aunt.

Jenni told us, “Nicholas has taught me the meaning of hard work, loving the creative process, and how to bring joy and color into the world… even when things seem the darkest.”

For more, visit Nicholas' website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.