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Watch Julia Roberts Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci!

Julia Roberts landed an interview with the man of the hour, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The conversation about COVID-19, via video chat, was part of One.org’s #PasstheMic series.

Roberts spoke with Dr. Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases Director, about the “new normal” as states reopen, Fauci’s take on how the country is doing so far, and more. Watch!

When Julia asked, “Don't you think what might help us as a society is accepting the fact that normal is never going to be exactly what it once was?”

Fauci replied, “People say, ‘Do you think we'll be back to normal this summer?’ and, I say, ‘I don't really think so because it may be a new normal but it's not going to be the way we had it before.’”

He also gave an assessment on how the country is doing. “The scientific evidence clearly indicates that physical separation has worked but not completely,” Dr. Fauci said. “If you look at the curves in our country, it isn’t like everything is dramatically going down… Now is not the time to tempt fate and pull back completely. There is a golden mean there. You don’t want to stay locked down forever.”

Dr. Fauci also discussed the developing world, and access to treatments and vaccine trials. He told Julia, “We have a moral responsibility for people throughout the world.”