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Jerry Seinfeld on Life in Quarantine, New Stand-Up Special, and Talk of a ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot

Jerry Seinfeld on Life in Quarantine, New Stand-Up Special, and Talk of a ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot

Jerry Seinfeld greeted “Extra’s” Billy Bush Monday with a virtual hug on Zoom!

Billy caught up with Jerry to chat about life in quarantine, his new Netflix stand-up special “23 Hours to Kill,” and whether he’s on board for a “Seinfeld” reboot.

Updating Billy on life in quarantine with his wife Jessica and their three kids, he said, “We're good, we're hanging in there. We're constantly talking about masks, gloves, breathing, everyone's projecting constantly. I like to get a little action going with the kids betting on how long is this going to last… ‘Are you going to go back to school in the fall? Let's bet on that.’ I like to get a little parimutuel action going with the kids.”

Billy brought up one part of his special in which Jerry talks about “a culture where we are all hypno-phonified,” asking what his phone rules are. “There’s no phone with food," Jerry said. "It’s family time, the dinner table. I’m very, very strict about no phone when we are having meals together.”

His former “Seinfeld” castmates Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander recently took to social media to reminisce about the hit show. Jason speculated that the famously risqué episode “The Contest” was that one that truly launched the show. Jerry agreed, saying, “That was the episode that made people go, ‘These people are doing something different.’”

Jerry also addressed talk of a “Seinfeld” reboot. Last September, he tweeted he would do it if New York Mets Rookie Pete Alonso would guest star in a remake of “The Boyfriend” episode. Mets player Keith Hernandez originally played the part. Alonso agreed, and Billy pointed out, “Now you're on the hook, Jerry!”

Seinfeld replied, “Yeah, I am, a little bit… luckily, the season's been canceled.”

Jerry’s Netflix special premieres Tuesday.