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Broadway's Nick Cordero Loses a Leg in Coronavirus Battle

Broadway's Nick Cordero Loses a Leg in Coronavirus Battle
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Tony winner Nick Cordero continues to fight COVID-19 after 18 days in an intensive care unit — and now, complications of the virus have cost him one of his legs.

Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, announced his latest setback Saturday on Instagram, People magazine reports.

"We got some difficult news yesterday," she wrote, telling supporters that the blood thinners that alleviated clotting in Cordero’s leg led to blood pressure issues and provoked internal bleeding in his intestines. "We took him off the blood thinners, but that again was going to cause the clotting in the right leg. So the right leg will be amputated today."

Later in the day, Kloots triumphantly reporter that Cordero had survived his amputation surgery, writing on Instagram, "I got a phone call from the hospital saying that Nick made it out of surgery alive and he is headed to his room to rest and recover! AMEN! He is hearing us!!! He is hearing the support, the love and your voices everyday. I just know it. Thank you God for watching over him and for the incredible doctors and nurses @cedarssinai hospital! ❤️ I may sleep tonight."

Cordero has battled blood-flow issues, emergency surgery for an infection in his lung, dialysis, and has been sedated in order to better deal with breathing.

He entered the ICU on March 31 after having breathing issues. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, but tested negative for COVID-19 twice before ultimately testing positive for the pernicious virus.

Fans have helped raise over $110,000 to help Cordero, Kloots, and their 10-month-old Elvis via a GoFundMe page.

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