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Does Wendy Williams Have a Quarantine Boo? Plus, She Talks Filming from Home, and More

Does Wendy Williams Have a Quarantine Boo? Plus, She Talks Filming from Home, and More

Wendy Williams is back to work! The queen of daytime talk returned today, but she’s doing her show from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Wendy chatted with “Extra’s” Billy Bush via Zoom right after her return to TV. She told him, “This is the bachelorette pad, Billy.”

Wendy opened up about self-isolation, whether she has a quarantine boo, filming her show from home, and more.

Sharing how she is feeling, Wendy said, “Well, I have gotten extremely close with my blood — not friends and stuff — my blood family. I am worried for not what we’re going through right now, because I’m trusting our government… I’m trusting Andrew Cuomo, but ya know, I’m nervous about what people are going to do when this is over.”

Williams explained, “I still won’t be shaking hands. I’m not going to be hugging. I know the ‘Wendy’ studio, the way I want it done is to remove seats so people have distancing. This is one of the new things in new life.”

She said she can’t wait to get back into the studio, but for now, it’s live from her apartment. Wendy is hoping to be a bright spot in people’s days, saying, “I’ve been here for escapism… I’m here for levity and laughter when corona fits into a conversation, fine, but no, I’m not a doctor and not a politician, I’m an entertainer.” Wendy also shared her crush on Gov. Cuomo with her audience, and told Billy, “Listen, he’s a nice-looking man and he talks a lot of good stuff.”

Staying home is not rough for Wendy, though, she said. “I can tell you this: I’m really enjoying being in my own home. There’s no children, there’s nobody telling me what to eat, what time to sleep. Not for nothing, I’m finding it a wonderful experience.”

She is, however, losing weight in the process, “My stomach is in a ball of knots… I’ve already lost like 5 pounds. I don’t have a scale. I can feel it in my clothing.”

Billy asked if she has a quarantine boo, and she answered, “As a sexual human being, I have to say that is the last thing on my mind."

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