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Jon Bon Jovi Says Teen Son Had COVID-19 Symptoms, Plus: How the Rocker Is Helping Those in Need

Jon Bon Jovi Says Teen Son Had COVID-19 Symptoms, Plus: How the Rocker Is Helping Those in Need
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Jon Bon Jovi joined “Extra’s” Renee Bargh from his home in New Jersey via FaceTime Friday to talk about how he is doing his part to help the community during the coronavirus outbreak. He also broke news that his 17-year-old son Jacob was showing symptoms.

Bon Jovi explained, “It hit our home, too. Jake, our son, he had a mild case that was intestinal. He is recovered now and the rest of us are all healthy… He had an intense fever, but not bronchial stuff.”

He explained, “Our home was only infected with Jake, and the rest of us have been healthy, but we are all sequestered and under quarantine.”

He said he has not been tested for the virus, saying, “I have not had symptoms.” They are saving the tests for those that need it in the tri-state area. “I’m feeling quite healthy," he said. "Fortunately for me, we didn’t need one."

The family at an event in the Hamptons in 2019. From left: Jesse, Jacob, Dorothea, Stephanie & Jon.

He also opened up about Bon Jovi bandmate David Bryan, who recently did test positive. Bryan’s symptoms were very different from Jake’s, with Jon saying the keyboardist “got the full-on bronchial stuff.” The singer added, “I believe he is on the mend. He is a tough guy… We are obviously hoping he gets better soon.”

Meanwhile, Jon is doing his part to help by keeping his JBJ Soul Kitchen open. A photo of him washing dishes at the restaurant in Asbury Park went viral. “The model works on volunteers, and during these times we can’t let volunteers come in… That’s how my dishwashing services have been called back into action. The Hall of Fame dishwasher is back… There are folks in need, and I have to do my part to help the in-need come and still get the food… We are at bare bones. It’s just the chef, the sous-chef, the manager... and myself.”

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If you can’t do what you do... do what you can!

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His message is to stay home if you can. “Unless you are truly in need. We will get you take-out stuff… We need everybody to stay home. Staying home is going to flatten the curve, and flattening the curve is when we get to go back to being us, and right now ‘us’ stands for the 'U.S.'”

He created a song as well, #DoWhatYouCan, and is asking people to submit verses.

He called the response, “unbelievable,” thanks to “the magic of social media."

“I didn’t anticipate writing another song, but you couldn’t help but write it… I thought everybody at the same time is going through the same thing… Why not share it? I gave you a verse, I gave you a chorus, I gave you a chord compression, and asked people to submit their story. In return, I am finding some of them singing them and putting them back on social media.”

Earlier this week, Billy shared a verse he wrote, and today Jon himself sent a video of himself performing Billy’s lyrics! Check it out!