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How Rachel Lindsay ‘Shocked’ Herself with Emotional ‘Bachelor: Women Tell-All’ Appearance

How Rachel Lindsay ‘Shocked’ Herself with Emotional ‘Bachelor: Women Tell-All’ Appearance
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Former “The Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay is taking on the online haters.

Last night, Rachel appeared on “The Bachelor: Woman Tell All” episode to discuss the social media hate that has been aimed at the female contestants including herself, even reading some of the messages she has received.

“Extra’s” Billy Bush FaceTimed Rachel on Tuesday morning to talk about how emotional it was for her. When Billy mentioned Rachel’s tearful reaction to the tweets, she commented, “I shocked myself when I started crying. There was something about reading them in private and then to read them out loud and acknowledge it and to have other people hear what's privately sent to you. It hit me in a way that I wasn't prepared for, but I'm glad that I was able to show that emotion.”

Who does she think is behind the hurtful messages? Rachel answered, “Honestly a lot of times, they're actual people who you go to their profile and you see their faces and them with families and even them talking about religion, but then they're spewing out such hatred and it's vile and the few times that I've called people out on it… I think they're so stunned, they forget that we're humans and when we respond back they're very apologetic for the vile things that they say.”

When Billy asked Rachel if she was approaching social media today with eagerness or “trepidation,” she said, “Last night, I was scared… this morning, I was shocked and overwhelmed at how positive people responded to the message that we had on ABC… It was really, really great, so I hope that they keep it going and we continue to encourage and uplift other people."