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Jessica Simpson Talks Owning Your Flaws, How to Find Connection in Your Marriage, and More

Jessica Simpson Talks Owning Your Flaws, How to Find Connection in Your Marriage, and More

Jessica Simpson was pretty in pink as she spoke at the Create and Cultivate Conference in L.A. on Saturday.

“Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with the star, whose new memoir “Open Book” made The New York Times Best Seller list. Simpson said of her book's stellar sales, “It’s unbelievable — I can’t even believe it. I seriously have been in complete shock. I don’t even understand. I’m appreciative for sure.”

Why does she think the book resonates with people? She shared, “Honestly, I think people… really just want to know why, when, how. I have really been quiet for the past 10 years… It was time to really understand my entire life.”

She added, “The way people have been reacting to it is exactly how I would want my best friends to read it.”

"It’s very liberating to be open," Jessica went on. "With my openness comes confidence.”

Saying she relates to those reading her book, she said, “I’m really just a normal, everyday girl that goes through the exact same things as everyone else. It’s giving people courage themselves to open up.”

In the book, Jessica talks about her issues with alcohol, and this week Ben Affleck got candid with his own struggles. “We all have our flaws,” Simpson said. “We all have made mistakes. Leading with those mistakes and owning those flaws, is a very humbling experience. It puts you out there where you have nothing to hide… There is so much life to live with clarity that is so much more impactful than to hide behind the darkness.”

Simpson was also candid about her husband Eric Johnson after recently declaring him her "sexual shaman." What is her advice for married couples? She answered, “A sexual connection is a very important connection. When there’s love involved, it is a very spiritual connection… When I make love to my husband, I feel like I am the most beautiful… If you are not in the mood, you will definitely get in the mood easily if you focus on the present moment and really understanding and loving and embracing somebody that loves you for your everything — even your flaws.”

She added, “Loving myself through my eyes made me connect so much more to what Eric actually did see in me.”

Jessica, who was the keynote speaker at the event, said, “I am here today to celebrate all women and all people that are trying to understand the world of business.”

She continued, “Empowering women is probably one of the most important things in my life, because I have lived my life being empowered by my mother.”