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Ryan Guzman’s Infant Son Suffers Near-Death Medical Emergency

Ryan Guzman’s Infant Son Suffers Near-Death Medical Emergency

Earlier this week, “9-1-1” actor Ryan Guzman, 32, took to Instagram to reveal that his son Mateo, 12 months, could "barely breathe" and was rushed to an emergency room.

Guzman shared on Instagram, “Nothing [is] scarier than coming home from work and seeing your fiancée, [Chrysti Ane], rush to your son’s room and find out he can barely breathe.”

With his son babbling in the background of the video he posted, Ryan said, “He’s wheezing, coughing, giving you your worst nightmare. All I can say is thank you to Station 102 for sending out two incredible EMTs. Thank you to the 911 operator who kept both my fiancée and I calm during a hectic period… Thank you to the people at the ER who did an incredible job. So thankful right now to have my little baby boy. Thank you Chrysti, too.”

Guzman expressed how thankful he was with his caption. He wrote, “On little sleep, but none the less I woke up thankful today. Yet again another reminder to take advantage of the time we’re given. If you’d like, I challenge everyone [to] take a couple minutes out of your day to appreciate one thing today. Whether it’s something menial that you usually overlook on your day to day busy life or it’s a person in your life that has been underappreciated.”

A week before the emergency, Mateo celebrated his 1st birthday at a zoo. Chrysti posted a pic, writing on Instagram, “To finish out his birthday weekend...the zoo!”

Ryan and Chrysti welcomed their son four months after they announced they were expecting in September 2018.

At the time, Guzman’s brother Stevie shared photos of the baby, writing on Instagram, “When I saw you I had tears of pure happiness and knew my life just got better. I promise to love you until the day I die and be the best Tio you could ever dream of.”

Along with a pic of himself hugging Ryan, Stevie added, “Only thing I don’t like about you is that you’ve easily taken the throne of cutest Guzman alive. 1-24-19 is a proud day for us all.”

Chrysti also shared a photo with the baby on her Instagram Story.


Months before Mateo’s arrival, Ryan expressed his excitement about impending fatherhood, telling “Extra” in Los Angeles, “Three more months and I get to meet my son. I’m loving it.”