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Michael Strahan Recalls His Favorite Memory of Kobe Bryant

Michael Strahan Recalls His Favorite Memory of Kobe Bryant

Michael Strahan says Kobe Bryant will be acknowledged at the Super Bowl, telling “Extra’s” Special Correspondent Rachel Lindsay, “He will be honored here.”

Michael added, “I think we may do something in our pre-game show as well; I had a talk with our producer this morning about that… He definitely deserves all the good words that are being said about him.”

In a new “Extra” interview in Miami, Strahan said of Bryant, “He was a good friend, a guy who put everything he had into everything he did, and 41 years is too short, but he had such an impact on not just… basketball but every sport.”

Michael shared his favorite memory of the Lakers superstar, saying, “I was talking to him backstage at this panel… and one of the first things I said was, ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this, because I hated you as a basketball player,’ and he’s like ‘What?!’”

Strahan, an admirer of Kobe’s work ethic, added, “When everyone else was sleeping, he was working… He realized that in order to be the greatest, you have to work harder than anyone else.”

Strahan is working hard in Miami with his fashion line biz partner Constance Schwartz as they launched his Super Bowl LIV limited-edition capsule collection for G-III Apparel. Strahan played cashier at the NFL Shop at Super Bowl Experience, and Constance said, “This was his idea. He wanted to be here with all of these amazing fans and people and wanted to make sure that we got it right.”

Michael smiled as he said of Constance, “She’s the boss.”