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Emilia Clarke on Epic ‘GoT’ Reunion, and Relating to Her ‘Last Christmas’ Character’s Health Issues

Emilia Clarke on Epic ‘GoT’ Reunion, and Relating to Her ‘Last Christmas’ Character’s Health Issues

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are teaming up for the new holiday movie “Last Christmas.”

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with the duo in NYC to talk about the film, just after Emilia’s epic 33rd birthday party.

The “Game of Thrones” star reunited with her former on-screen loves Jason Momoa and Kit Harington for the bash, and posted a photo on Instagram. She told Renee, “It kind of wrapped up around five in the morning — we rung it out.” She added, “It was so good. Any excuse for someone to have a party and we can hang out. It was gorgeous, it was really lovely. Jay was in town promoting a movie, so it just made sense.”

Clarke followed up the cast reunion Instagram photo with a star collision. In the pic, Camilla Cabello bows down to Emilia backstage at “The Graham Norton Show.”

Emilia explained the backstory, “That was amazing, I saw her and we did the show first, 'Graham Norton'… My God, she’s incredible, and I get this knock at the door and she is like, ‘I have to bend the knee,’ and I’m like ‘Okay, come on in.’”

In “Last Christmas,” Emilia plays Kate, who has the worst luck. Her life starts to turn around, however, when she takes a job as a department store elf over the holidays and meets Tom (Golding).

Renee commented, “I loved this movie. I cried so much. I was so soggy. Like, such a soggy face. This is just, like, the best genre, though... a romantic-comedy Christmas.” Henry replied, “You can't go wrong.” Henry and Emilia agreed that accepting their roles in the film was easy. Emilia said, “Yeah, definitely, definitely.” Henry added, “I think so.”

The classic boy-meets-girl story comes with a twist: the girl just survived a near-fatal illness. Emilia dealt with her own health crises, suffering from two brain aneurysms that nearly took her life when she was shooting “Game of Thrones.” She explained, “It wasn't the reason why I wanted to take the role, but it definitely added to the kind of truth that I could bring to it because she had her health crisis at the same.. pretty much the same age that I did, which is such a kind of... that time in your life is really confusing… and it made me empathize with her a lot more.”

Henry, who shot to fame with “Crazy Rich Asians,” said he was happy to play another leading-man love interest, saying, “I mean... I'm all for it... especially if I can have an experience like I did on this... Sign me up, 'cause this film was special.”

In real life, Golding is married to Liv Lo, while Emilia is single. What is she looking for in a man? “The prerequisites... sense of humor, 100 percent. Like, if you make me giggle... then I'm in, pretty much, and someone who’s considerate and nice. When someone takes you out on a date and they have thought about an interesting thing to do, think out of the box.”

Smiling, she added, “If you can laugh with someone, it’s just the sexiest thing in the world.”

“Last Christmas” opens November 8, 2019.