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Charlize Theron on Transforming Into Megyn Kelly

Charlize Theron on Transforming Into Megyn Kelly

Charlize Theron turned heads in Louis Vuitton at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event Monday night.

Theron plays Megyn Kelly in the new movie “Bombshell,” which is already getting Oscar buzz. Of her transformation into the TV anchor, she told "Extra's" Renee Bargh, “The process is an enjoyable one. You know, you get excited about something, and then you have to go on the journey to figure out how you’re going to logistically do it and you get to work with very talented people. I got to work with one of the most incredible artists, Kazu Hiro, who built all of my prosthetics pieces and you just couldn’t tell where they began and where they ended, so I’m super grateful to him and our entire crew, who really helped me elevate this character.”

Watch a new trailer for the film below!

Will she read Ronan Farrow’s new book that highlights sexual harassment in the workplace? Theron answered, “Yeah, sure, yes. I feel like the power of this film is the time that it’s coming out in and it’s definitely a marker for our history, but I’ve made these movies before and they felt so isolated and so compartmentalized... This is the first time that I feel like the timing is everything. We are just culturally and socially talking about this stuff right now, and to then see the story of what catapulted us into this moment, it’s really powerful.”

“Bombshell” hits theaters December 20.