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Milo Ventimiglia’s Parents Reveal What He Was Like as a Kid!

Milo Ventimiglia’s Parents Reveal What He Was Like as a Kid!

Milo Ventimiglia had the best Emmy dates… his parents!

“Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with Milo as he walked the red carpet with his mother Carol and father Peter. Carol said she was happy to see Billy back on TV, and gushed over her son, saying he was “the best, no problem ever” growing up. “He had to work twice as hard,” she said.

Milo added, “What she is trying to say is I wasn’t as naturally gifted or smart as the rest of the kids, but they put me in honors so I had to work doubly hard.” Carol insisted, “It was a good thing he had that challenge.”

Billy asked about growing up Ventimiglia. Milo said, “We had a lot of Sunday night dinners.” Peter noted they were “sit-down dinners.” Milo added, “We spent a lot of time together as a family. I have two older sisters, and my parents raised the three of us with a lot of love and compassion.” Milo said he is thankful, acknowledging, “I got very lucky. I have amazing parents.”

His mom paid Milo another compliment, naming him, “The best-dressed.”

Milo said he is thrilled to be working on “This Is Us." "It’s very satisfying," he said. "You work so hard just to get to a place where you are working with the best writers, working with the best actors, you're working with the best crews — and you just become grateful.”

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