Sunny Hostin on Who Will Return to ‘The View’ Next Season

Sunny Hostin on Who Will Return to ‘The View’ Next Season

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin is a busy woman.

Aside from the daytime show, she is also a Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News with a new true crime show on Investigation Discovery called “Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin.”

“Extra” caught up with Hostin today who addressed headlines that her “The View” co-host Meghan McCain might be leaving the panel.

Sunny said, “Everyone is coming back, what I’ve heard, next season and we are all really looking forward to it.” She added, “Next season is going to be even better.”

The ladies are always keeping it real on “The View,” which can lead to fireworks between the co-hosts. “I don’t think it’s getting any more contentious. I think we are more passionate now then we have ever been because the issues facing our country are more desperate and passionate than ever before. When you hire five passionate women, what you are seeing is just reflective of what’s going on in the country. We are really trying to do our best to show the country this is how we do it… this is how you disagree, we don’t always get it right but we are trying really hard.”

Hostin is also trying hard to bring a new light to the TV crime genre saying her new show is different, “It’s very different because of the perspective we decided to look at. For me, it was really important not to just focus on the crime, and not to just focus on the perpetrator… I wanted to… focus on victims and their stories and the effects that crime has on the survivors of crimes, their families, their communities, first responders, lawyers — believe it or not — we have hearts, too.”

Sunny added, “I remember when I was a prosecutor and there are some cases to this day I remember walking onto the crime scene and it has changed the way I parent… It’s that kind of prism that I bring to these cases that is very different.”

Hostin is taking an inside look at the stories behind some of the nation’s most notorious homicides. “I traveled all around the country… I walked through every single crime scene, it’s a very active show, it’s a bit dark in some places, it’s very transparent and very real," she said. "I think it will take people really back to the day these crimes were committed.”