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DJ Khaled Drops Hint About ‘SNL’ Finale as He Unveils Album Cover for ‘Father of Asahd’

DJ Khaled took over Times Square, only for “Extra”!

Thousands of fans gathered for the hitmaker’s big announcement at our Levi’s Times Square studio.

The superstar was with “Extra’s” Special Correspondent, HOT 97’s Megan Ryte, to talk new music, the “Saturday Night Live” finale, and losing 47 lbs. with Weight Watchers!

Khaled is dropping a new album at midnight called “Father of Asahd,” named after his 2-year-old son. He told Megan this will be his “biggest album,” adding, “We gonna change the game… The 11th album is the new chapter of more success, more blessings, more loves and what I did with this album.”

Khaled continued “Not only is it my best work, that bar going to be high, really high.”

The star exclusively unveiled the new album cover, telling Megan, “This is my life, I do it for Asahd.”

DJ-Khaled-Father-Of Asahd
Jonathan Mannion

The frequent collaborator has already worked with Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna to name a few. He told Ryte, “I make records that play forever. should I remind you I’m the guy that made ‘Wild Thoughts’?”

So who else can we hear on “Father of Asahd?” “All your favorites… obviously everyone's on my album… that's what we do, winners work with winners, greatness work with greatness, but it’s about making a great song, a great anthem.”


Khaled will appear on the “SNL” finale this weekend. He dropped a major hint about what fans can expect, saying, “You're going to think it's an award show, all your favorite artists, whoops…”

He went on, “My first time on ‘SNL,’ it's a dream come true, and I knew I was gonna get it one day because I’ve been trying to get it for a long time… I'm going to make sure we make it the most legendary ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

He is also giving credit to Oprah for helping him lose over 47 lbs. on Weight Watchers, “She's always been an inspiration, she's a powerful queen, everything she's a part of is always love and that's what I represent.”

Why did the 43-year-old want to lose the weight? “The motivation for me to get rid of the weight was my son.” He explained, “What I love about being healthy, healthy is not just eating good and working out, healthy is about being happy, having joy, you gotta feel good to be good… so shout-out to Weight Watchers to help me get rid of over 47 lbs.!”

“Father of Asahd” drops at midnight!