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Rob Lowe Definitely Doesn’t Have a Dad Bod at 55! See the Pic

Actor Rob Lowe doesn’t seem to age, and this Instagram pic is proof.

The star posted a shirtless and ripped photo of himself working out in the gym Tuesday, along with a caption, letting fans know he was “getting ready” for the latest episode of “Mental Samurai” on FOX.

Lowe stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood last month, where he told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh is secret to looking so good at 55.

Rob dished, “A lot of the good choices that I made I am starting to see the results of it. When I became the spokesman of Atkins, it’s cause I’ve been doing that stuff — no carbs, no bread, lots of protein — I have been doing it years and years before we ever partnered up, and you start to see the results of that now. And, of course, you have to thank genetics, and my father who is a freak of nature.”