Hannah G. Says She Was ‘Blindsided’ by Colton on ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah G. Says She Was ‘Blindsided’ by Colton on ‘The Bachelor’

There were a whole lot of tears and not a lot of answers on last night’s “The Bachelor.”

Colton broke up with both Tayshia and Hannah G in an effort to get Cassie back after she told him she didn’t love him. Early Tuesday, "Extra" spoke with Hannah G, who opened up about the moment Colton knocked on her door. She admitted, “I was shocked to hear he was coming to break up with me.”

“I felt so blindsided, I even felt blindsided after it happened,” Hannah added.

Hannah pointed out that it has taken her months to process the breakup. She said, “I feel like I had no reason to think it wasn't him and I at the end of this. I thought I was going to be engaged, so I was mentally ready, and I thought he was my person and I thought he felt the same, so hearing that he thought about Cassie while he was possibly looking me in the eye…that’s hard and that’s a slap in the face.”

Hannah emphasized, “It bruised my heart, not gonna lie.”

What she think will happen with Cassie? Hannah commented, “She’s either gonna reject it or accept it.”

Hannah is not angry, though, saying, “Just because things didn't work out the way I wanted them to, doesn’t mean I'm angry or bitter; confused, yes, but I can't be mad at somebody for not loving me back. It's just not how it works.”

As for whether she would consider being “The Bachelorette,” Hannah answered, “I think I am open to any possibilities of love. I was so close to getting that and throughout this whole experience it showed me how much I do want that.”