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Kate Beckinsale Talks Dujour Spread, and How She’s Doing After Recent Medical Emergency

Kate Beckinsale Talks Dujour Spread, and How She’s Doing After Recent Medical Emergency

Kate Beckinsale is looking better than ever! Only “Extra” was with the British beauty as she celebrated Dujour magazine’s spring issue and her stunning photo spread.

Beckinsale opened up about the photo shoot, her recent trip to the hospital for a ruptured ovarian cyst, and her new series “The Widow.”

Mark Seliger/DuJour

Kate, who was stunning in a black cutout Celia Kritharioti dress, said she loved her looks inside the magazine. “It was such a fun shoot," she said. "That was the nice thing. I can quite often dread a photo shoot as I feel like an idiot always having my photo taken, but actually it was such a great team and it was, like, such fun fashion and everything was great."

She went on to recall she wondered if she were going to arrive at the shoot and be greeted with, "Hello, can you please put on a bathing suit?" She observed, "I'm like, 'When is that going to stop happening? Then will I be offended or relieved?' I don't know.”

Mark Seliger/DuJour

What were her favorite looks from the shoot? “The white dress, the Dolce and Gabbana dress I really liked a lot and… I was quite fond of the white bathing suit and the fluffy jacket.”

The 45-year-old shared the workout secrets behind her amazing figure, saying, “I work out with a trainer called Gunnar Peterson when he's not away with the Lakers, which he now usually is, and I thought I really liked working out — but it turns out I only like Gunnar and being with him.”

Feeling much better after a recent medical emergency when she experienced a ruptured ovarian cyst, she said, “I had my appendix burst ages ago and I thought, 'It can't possibly happen twice…' It felt exactly like that, but apparently you could throw out a little cyst and then it explodes and you just feel kind of terrible pain for a few days and then you're fine, so I didn't have to have surgery or anything like that. I was just given a lot of crazy IV drugs and then behaved terribly.” She joked, “I had to apologize for weeks afterwards to all my friends who visited me because I was a monster.”

Changing gear, she dished on what quality she looks for in the ideal man, saying, “Funny... I like funny”

Talking all about her new project, Amazon Prime’s “The Widow,” she reported, “It's about a woman whose husband has died in a plane crash and then she's terribly upset and sort of reclusive, and then she thinks she sees him on some news footage about three years later and so goes off to Africa to see if he's there or not.”

Kate shot the show in South Africa after her daughter Lily went away to college. Of Lily, she said, “She's my favorite person in the whole world. She's the funniest person. I think sometimes people think I'm funny and I always know Lily is much funnier than I am. Also younger and prettier and better in every way.”