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Sofía Vergara Talks Valentine’s Day Plans with Joe Manganiello

Sofía Vergara Talks Valentine’s Day Plans with Joe Manganiello

Actress Sofía Vergara is expanding her fashion empire!

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Sofía, who promoted her new line of jeans, Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara, which is sold exclusively online on Walmart.com.

Sofía and husband Joe Manganiello are just a little over a week away from their Valentine’s Day plans. She gushed, “Joe usually plans all of the romantic things like that... Usually what we usually do is a dinner reservation or a trip somewhere close, so he takes care of that.”

The couple always gives each other presents. She commented, “It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but we do like to give each other gifts here or there.”

Sofía noted she really isn’t hard to shop for, saying, “What woman has everything, really? There's never a pair of shoes I didn't like.” She continued, “I like things that are actually practical, that I am going to use and enjoy… I love when people give me pajamas, that’s something you always need… I like stuff like that… I am very easy to gift.”

Joe is also a big fan of her jeans line since “they cradle the butt." She said, “They're Joe's favorite.”

The "Modern Family” star told "Extra" she is very happy with her designs, saying, “We have all the sizes that you need, to size 20…Every woman, young, old, voluptuous, skinny, the materials are great.” Watch the video below to see her favorite looks from the collection.

Along with stressing the importance of looking great and being comfortable in a good pair of jeans, Vergara said, “It’s a piece of clothing every woman needs.”

Sofía pointed out, “You don't feel like a sausage with these jeans because they have the perfect amount of stretch — you don’t feel restrictive.”

She emphasized about her jeans collection, “You can actually sit and eat without having to open up your jeans… That is the selling point — you do not have to open your button.”

The 46-year-old confessed, “I've been caught coming out of cars in New York with my button out by the paparazzi. I forgot, I didn’t have time to, or I thought I did it fast and didn’t.”

Vergara is also giving fans a gift with her “365 Days of Love” on Facebook Watch. She said, “Nowadays, every time you turn on social media or TV, everything is horrific news, not only horrific, but things that make you feel not great — so why not give a little dose of happiness?"