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Charlie Sheen Talks His Sobriety: ‘It Had to Be Done’

Charlie Sheen Talks His Sobriety: ‘It Had to Be Done’

On Sunday, actor Charlie Sheen showed his support for Malibu as he attended the California Strong Celebrity Softball Game.

“Extra” spoke to Sheen just weeks after he announced he’s been sober for a year. The 53-year-old shared, “That was good, that was good, yes, indeed — had to be done, had to be done.”

Sheen, who had revealed in the past that he relapsed after receiving an HIV diagnosis in 2012, emphasized, “I feel good.”

Charlie also commented on recent reports that his Beverly Hills mansion was in foreclosure as he tried to sell it. He said, “It was all a mix-up, all a mix-up, but it is fixed and it’s going back on the market in two weeks. Everything’s groovy.”

Sheen said he was happy be in Malibu, noting, “It’s where I grew up, been here since, jeez, 1970.”

Charlie wasn’t able to play ball, explaining, “If I wasn’t having this major shoulder surgery in a few months… I can bring my giant baseball brain to one of the coaching positions that I can do.”