‘Legends of the Lost’ Host Megan Fox Shares Dream of Being Part of an Archaeological Team

‘Legends of the Lost’ Host Megan Fox Shares Dream of Being Part of an Archaeological Team

Actress Megan Fox stopped by “Extra’s" Studio at Levi’s Times Square today and spoke with AJ Calloway about her new Travel Channel show, “Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox.”

In the four-episode series, she's taking an extraordinary journey across the globe to re-examine some of the world's most enduring legends and lore.

She told AJ, “Most people were really surprised that I was into all of this.”

In fact, she would like to keep doing it. “When I think about what I’m doing when I‘m 60, I hope I’m out in the field, a legitimate part of an archaeological team, because that sounds very fulfilling to me.”

In the show, Fox visits Stonehenge. She revealed, “It’s bigger than you think it is,” adding, “It is actually really close to a road, which is always bizarre.”

Megan said she was also surprised by what she learned about the Vikings. “The Viking stories, some of the warriors could have actually been women because they can test the DNA now. It is a really exciting thing for a little girl to watch — it wasn’t just the men doing all the bad-ass stuff.”

Did she bring her sons, Noah, 6, Bodhi, 4, and Journey, 2 with her on the shoot? She told AJ, “No, I traveled for a long time without them, which is hard. It would have been harder if they were there. We were working six days a week and flying on our days off. I was working all day every day, so I wouldn’t have been able to. It would have been wrong to travel them and jet lag them and not actually spend time with them. So, they were okay."

"Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The Travel Channel.