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Julie Mintz, Moby's Muse, Drops Album and Covers Icon

Julie Mintz, Moby's Muse, Drops Album and Covers Icon

Julie Mintz, the buzzed-about musician described as Moby's muse, just dropped her debut full-length album, "Abandon All Hope of Fruition," produced by Moby and David Jerkovich.

The Artist Method album takes its title from a Buddhist mind-training slogan in the book "When Things Fall Apart." Mintz says, "It’s about letting go of the hope that things are going to be different in the future, and moving toward an appreciation of where you are right now."

Moby raves about Mintz, "What’s most beguiling about Julie is that she looks like a sun-kissed, golden lady of the canyon, but she and her music have such a dark heart of sadness and longing."

The feelings of admiration are mutual, with Mintz saying on KTLA's "Spoken Dreams," "Moby really helped me produce my music and brought me out of my shell a lot in terms of performing."

Dua Lipa dropped by Julie's album release this past Monday.

Among stand-out tracks on the album are her current single "Want to Be Wanted" and her reinterpretation of the John Denver classic "Country Roads, Take Me Home," a music video for which is coming later this month. Check it out here as part of In Bed with Books & Music.

That song touches on the kind of solace Mintz says she hopes her music provides. “It seems like a lot of people struggle with the same kind of issues I’ve written about, so I’d love for the album to help them to appreciate the present instead of being stuck in hoping for something different in the future," she notes. "But at the same time, I’d also love for them to just feel like someone else understands what they’re going through, and to take comfort in realizing that they’re not alone in that feeling.”

Last Friday evening, Mintz joined Moby onstage in a special Los Angeles Philharmonic performance at Disney Hall, and she is also the next Icon magazine cover girl!

Artist Method
Julie's first full album!

Full "Abandon All Hope of Fruition" tracklist:

(1) "Tired to the Bone"

(2) "Want to Feel Wanted"

(3) "Country Roads, Take Me Home"

(4) "A Time"

(5) "Bow and Arrow"

(6) "The Reason"

(7) "Wildflowers"

(8) "Hard Needle to Thread"

(9) "The Sorrow Tree"

(10) "The River"

(11) "Til She Disappears"