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Demi Lovato 911 Overdose Call Released

Demi Lovato 911 Overdose Call Released

Singer Demi Lovato reportedly overdosed on Tuesday, and now a portion of the 911 call has been released. Listen to the call below.

During the call, an operator tells the caller more than once that help will be arriving with lights and sirens, and to please send someone out to wave down the driver.

At one point, the caller says “no sirens, please,” but the operator makes it clear that turning them off isn’t an option, saying, “This is definitely a medical emergency for her.”

The operator also tells the caller that it would be helpful to gather the victim’s medications.

The operator stays on the line until help arrives.

Now, the singer's rep says “Demi is awake and with her family,” and RadarOnline.com reports the “Skyscraper” singer will enter rehab. The plan is to find a treatment center outside of L.A., away from any triggers.