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Cher Defends Her Trump Tweets, Burns Up the Charts with Andy Garcia

Cher Defends Her Trump Tweets, Burns Up the Charts with Andy Garcia
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"Extra's" Terri Seymour was with Cher in London, where the superstar was talking about starring in her first major movie in eight years, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again."

Terri caught up with the 72-year-old at the London premiere, where she looked fabulous in peekaboo black. Cher dished with Seymour about her love life and why she keeps it under wraps.

"Unfortunately, with today's press and digging and all that it really ruins relationships, especially mine. It isn't easy being Mr. Cher."

Is there a Mr. Cher? She replied with a smile, "I'm just not telling," while making a "lips sealed" gesture.

As for looking so good, the legend said, "I work at it. I never smoked, I don't drink, I never did drugs. Also, you should see my mother. She's 92. Look her up."

Seymour also spoke with Cher and co-star Andy Garcia at a press junket, where the music icon revealed fans will hear her next album "in September."

The legend was in England at the same time as President Trump, who she has criticized on a daily basis on Twitter. She said her trip would be better "if you-know-who wasn't here."

Cher defended her outspokenness, saying, "I'm a citizen. And that's my right. I've been through 11 presidents... We've been afraid of different countries and we've been afraid of different actions from those countries. I never thought that I would fear actions from my own country."

She was also speaking her mind about playing Meryl Streep’s glamorous mother in the "Mamma Mia!" sequel, admitting, "I just found this whole experience to be less like work."

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The chart-busting duo!

Andy told "Extra" he loved working with Cher. “She was on my bucket list. It was very easygoing, you know?" Fans will be excited to learn the two perform the ABBA classic “Fernando” in the film!

The two are already making their mark on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts. Reacting to their chart success, Cher laughed, “I think it's hysterical because when I told him yesterday — someone told us — he just went, '... We are?!' And I said it at the same time, '... We are?!'"

Andy joked, "It's one of my many hits. Cher is riding my coattails." Could they become a new recording duo? Cher chimed in with a proposed name: "Andy and Cher."

See — and hear! — Andy and Cher in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again," in theaters Friday.