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Kathy Griffin on Her Comedy Return After Controversial Trump Photo

Kathy Griffin on Her Comedy Return After Controversial Trump Photo

After her yearlong exile from Hollywood, Kathy Griffin is back, hitting the road this summer on her “Laugh Your Head Off” world tour.

Kathy told “Extra’s Renee Bargh, “I’m not holding back because I don’t have to or want to… I’ve been through so much I don’t have an F left to give. I have to say, for a comedian, that is very liberating.”

Of that controversial President Trump photo that led to all the public outrage, Kathy said, “Trust me, there are times when I want to distance myself from that photo, but it really is a First Amendment issue.”

The photo lead to death threats and even a federal investigation. Griffin revealed, “They were thinking of charging me with conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States, because I look like the typical ISIS member, right?”

Kathy is able to laugh now, but confessed it was a tough year. She said, “I admit for two days I was on a ball on the floor sobbing and yes, I had a horrible press conference and all that other stuff made it worse… everyone turned on me, left and right.”

“On the one hand, I was being investigated by the feds, and on the other hand, I was getting calls from the FBI saying, 'Okay, you’re under a legitimate and what they say credible threat,' so a lot has happened,” she continued.

When Renee noted her smile despite the rough circumstances, Kathy emphasized, “I have to smile because I am so grateful Americans are basically letting me tour again… I’m going to survive this thing and keep you laughing while doing it.”

The comedian also weighed in on another high-profile incident in Hollywood — Roseanne Barr and the cancellation of her show. She commented, “ABC not only did the right thing, they shouldn’t have done the show in the first place… She is not a comedian making jokes and then playing a character… She is a true believer.”