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Report: Heather Locklear Hospitalized After Suicide Threat

Report: Heather Locklear Hospitalized After Suicide Threat

On Sunday, actress Heather Locklear was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

TMZ reports that one of Locklear’s family members called 911 after the 56-year-old reportedly threatened to kill herself.

According to the dispatch call, Heather was “trying to hurt herself and looking for a gun to shoot herself.”

The dispatcher pointed out that Heather was “agitated” and “violent,” but “does not have access to any weapons.”

While Capt. Garo Kuredjian of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office didn't confirm Heather's identity, he told People magazine, "At that location we contacted a person who had medical needs, and they were treated by the Ventura County Fire Department, and they were later transported to a local hospital. There was no criminal activity. The person was not arrested.”

Three months ago, following her arrest for domestic violence and assault charges, police showed up to Locklear’s Thousands Oaks home in search of a gun.

Sources told TMZ that officers obtained a search warrant, because during the arrest she had allegedly told them, “If you ever come back to my house, I will shoot you.”

Though she has had a handgun registered in her name since 1985, officers left empty-handed.