'SNL' Cold Open Honors Mother's Day in a Hilarious Way

'SNL' Cold Open Honors Mother's Day in a Hilarious Way

"SNL's" cast members offered a Mother's Day-themed cold open, one that poked fun at the show's relentless political humor!

Many of the show's regulars appeared with their real-life moms, most of whom seemed to embarrass their kids by questioning the show's anti-Trump tone.

"I don't understand why everyone focuses on Trump at all, when you should be focused on Jesus," Chris Redd's mom joked. When he reminded her that Jesus isn't president, she snapped, 'And that's the problem!"

Colin Jost's mom questioned the meanness of Alec Baldwin's Trump impression, wondering aloud, "Who writes that stuff?" Jost — who is head co-writer along with Michael Che — deadpanned, "Yeah, I don't know. I guess it's mostly Michael Che."

Some of the other moms had personalized comments, such as when Beck Bennett's mom bemoaned the lack of "Wayne's World" skits, Aidy Bryant's mom vowed to "rip it up at the after-party," and 15-season veteran Kenan Thompson's mom claimed she "actually can't remember when" he wasn't a cast member.

Pete Davidson's mom may have stolen the sketch by complaining about all the "penis jokes," setting her son up for a killer ending.


Kate McKinnon wasn't included in the sketch — maybe she was in character as one of the moms?!