'Blacklist': Megan Boone Dishes on 'Rupture' in Liz's Relationship with Red

'Blacklist': Megan Boone Dishes on 'Rupture' in Liz's Relationship with Red

"Extra" caught up with “Blacklist” star Megan Boone, who dished on what’s ahead on the hit NBC show, hinting at some major drama between her character Liz and James Spader’s character Red.

In the fall finale last November, Liz had just learned her husband Tom died while she was in a coma.

Boone revealed that when the show returns, “Liz is really stuck in the balance of understanding whether she is going to lean on darker impulses that she inherited from her father or if there is some redemptive quality in her that is going to make it possible for her to find closure on Tom’s death without enacting some really dark impulse toward revenge.”

It doesn’t sound like Red is helping the grieving process. Megan said, “Red is going to do whatever it takes to fulfill his agenda, which might mean crossing Liz’s path and getting in her way of finding closure on Tom’s death so that becomes one of the biggest ruptures in their relationship.”

She added, “We will have to see what happens and how they come together to deal with that.”

Boone also praised co-star Spader, calling him the one of the “best technical actors alive” and the “backbone of this show.” Pointing out that he is the reason behind many of the guest stars on the show so far, while confessing she would love it if Javier Bardem made an appearance on “Blacklist.”

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