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Kevin Hart Doesn’t Regret His Super Bowl Behavior: ‘I Would Do It All Over Again’

Kevin Hart Doesn’t Regret His Super Bowl Behavior: ‘I Would Do It All Over Again’

Comedian Kevin Hart’s epic stunt following the Philadelphia Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win — where he famously attempted to crash the post-game presentation ceremony, but was denied from the podium by security — certainly brought him a lot of attention!

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Hart in a one-on-one interview for the inside scoop behind what really happened on that wild night.

Kevin explained, “I'm from Philadelphia. That makes me a Philadelphian. We've shown that our behavior is crazy. It's only right that I follow suit as a Philadelphian, that I do something stupid. In my mind — and yes, of course I wasn't in my right mind — my city wanted to see me hold the trophy. That's what I was thinking. 'I got to get down to the trophy, because the city wants to see me hold the trophy.' I would do it all over again. It was the most fun that I've ever had!”

He also opened up about partnering with Mountain Dew for the Kickstart campaign. Hart is looking for the perfect courtside sidekick to sit with him at an NBA playoff game.

Kevin told Mario, "I'm an energetic person when I sit courtside. I argue with the players, I talk trash, but I do it in a classy way."

The comedian insisted, "Some people don't understand the cameras are on them at all times... you can't be in your nose! You can't be adjusting. You can't be the guy bent over and your crack is outside the courtside."

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