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How ‘Mudbound’ Helped Mary J. Blige Get Through Her Ugly Divorce

How ‘Mudbound’ Helped Mary J. Blige Get Through Her Ugly Divorce

Last night, Mary J. Blige showed off her revenge body in Elie Saab at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she was honored with the Breakthrough Performance Award for her acting chops in “Mudbound.”

As for how her character, Florence Jackson, helped get her through her contentious and high-profile split from ex-husband Kendu Isaacs, Blige told “Extra’s” Mark Wright she channeled her real-life pain into her character. She explained, “I was dealing with a situation where I did not exactly know what was going on in my life, but I had a feeling that something bad was happening, so I had to be silent... I had to give her a lot of silence when she wanted to speak. It’s a crazy thing when you want to say something, but you can't say something. So, I gave her all my heaviness and strength to... to not speak, although she wanted to speak.”

Mary said she was "humbled" to be honored at the Palm Springs Festival, saying, "I don’t know what to say, but I am so grateful, so humbled, so thankful.”

Next up, Blige will compete for Best Supporting Actress, Motion Picture at the Golden Globes!