Mandy Moore Reveals Big Plotline for Season 3 of 'This Is Us'

Mandy Moore Reveals Big Plotline for Season 3 of 'This Is Us'

“This Is Us” fans can’t wait for the midseason premiere on Jan. 9, but we're already looking ahead to Season 3!

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson on the hit show, stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about what's in store.

Mandy revealed Rebecca’s relationship with Miguel, her late husband’s best friend, will be a “big focus” next season.

When Mario asked if viewers will come to like Miguel, she replied, “absolutely,” adding, “It's hard to imagine Jack without Rebecca, and Rebecca without Jack, and that she did move on with her life. I feel like that is going to be the biggest battle of the show is getting people to become Team Miguel.”

That means Moore could be spending more time on the show as “grandma” Rebecca, and a lot more time in the makeup chair.

Moore explained what it takes to transform her look. “It takes around three and a half to four hours, and then about an hour and change to remove it. Which is the tougher part because you have a long day and everybody is like, ‘We're wrapped. Great.’ And you see Sterling [K. Brown] and Justin [Hartley] and everybody take off, and that means I'm going back and I'm sitting with some hot towels wrapped around my face for an hour.”

She joked, “I went to the writer's room a couple weeks ago and I was like… ‘I want to know what's happening for the rest of the season, but primarily how many more times – just a guesstimate – how much more I'm going to have to go through prosthetics!’”

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