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Tom Hanks Weighs In on the Timeliness of ‘The Post’

Tom Hanks Weighs In on the Timeliness of ‘The Post’

It was date night for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson as his new movie “The Post” premiered in the nation’s capital!

In the movie, Tom plays the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee as the paper races to catch up with The New York Times in exposing a massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned three decades and four U.S. presidents.

Tom explained how timely the film turned out to be, telling "Extra's" AJ Calloway on Thursday, “The place where women are and were in 1971 versus 2017, that blew up as we were going at it, as was this concept of the fourth estate, journalists digging down for a truth as it was being kept secret in a vault — that also became more important. We thought we were making a timely movie, we ended up hitting a massive trifecta when it comes down to Vietnam, politicians not telling the truth, and women fighting for their own position in the workplace.”

“We thought we were going to be timely. We didn't think we were going to be quite this timely,” Hanks added.

As for how the audience will react to the movie, Tom said, “We do have journalists who are trying to find the truth. We have people in power saying they're all liars. And we have women in the workplace now coming out, this slow train that has been coming for generations and generations saying, 'Here’s the truth and no more.' I think America is always better when the truth comes out and people say, 'No more.'”

His wife Rita offered her own reaction, saying, “It was black women who made sure Doug Jones won in Alabama.”

Tom is already nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in "The Post." Of the honor, he commented, “It's lovely to be invited to the party. There's gonna be a free meal. There's gonna be people slapping five and yelling at each other.” Rita chimed in, “Golden Globes are fun.” Tom agreed, sharing, “I will tell you this: We are going to have the kick-ass table at the Golden Globes.”

His co-star Meryl Streep is also nominated for her role in "The Post." Surprisingly, it was the first time the two had ever worked together in a movie. He joked, “She's high-maintenance, man. High-maintenance.”

“The Post” hits theaters December 22.