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Justin Hartley’s First Words After Marrying Chrishell Stause

Justin Hartley’s First Words After Marrying Chrishell Stause

Last night, Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause made their red-carpet debut as man and wife at the premiere of his new movie, “A Bad Moms Christmas.”

Over the weekend, the couple tied the knot in an elegant ceremony attended by his “This Is Us” cast. Justin chatted with “Extra’s” Mark Wright about how good it feels to be a married man.

When Mark commented that he still feels newly married after two years, Justin replied “You know why? Because you probably have an amazing wife and the same thing with me. Hopefully, it always feels new.” Mark added, “It's quite a nice feeling. For me it's a very settling feeling.” Justin said, “Good. Yeah, I love it.” Of their night out, Justin shared, “Yeah. And every night is date night.”

In the movie, Hartley strips down in a Santa Claus suit. When Mark asked, “Is it nice to finally put the hard work you do in the gym on to the screen?” Justin could only respond with a laugh. Mark prodded him, saying, “Because them abs don't get come easy!” Justin laughed and admitted, “Well, I appreciate you saying that!”

On the small screen, his “This Is Us” character is starting to battle an addiction to pain pills. Hartley emphasized, “This is a topic that touches so many people, people that I love and that I care about. It's a real thing. And it's an epidemic.”