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John Stamos on Having Kids with Caitlin McHugh: 'That's Certainly the Plan'

John Stamos on Having Kids with Caitlin McHugh: 'That's Certainly the Plan'
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John Stamos stepped out with his new fiancée at Zac Posen’s birthday fundraiser for mothers2mothers and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Tuesday, days after announcing on social media that he had proposed to Caitlin McHugh in a magical Disneyland setting.

The "Fuller House" star gushed to “Extra,” “I am beaming!”

As the couple posed for photos together, John clearly looked smitten. He said, “She is even more beautiful inside. Look at her, she just sort of breezes in. I study her because she wins people over in, like, ten seconds — takes me about five minutes. She just sort of breezes through and is super sweet. It’s been pretty great.”

Saying the couple's families are “thrilled,” John said he was ready to make a family of his own. “It’s been a long time and I’ve always been pretty vocal about wanting a family and wanting to be married, and everyone is like, 'Why can’t you? You can do it.' The truth is I just wasn’t the best me and I wasn’t going to attract someone like Caitlin. I had to work on myself and put in some time, and I know my mother would have been really happy with that, and this beauty just came into my life. But it took time for me to really be the best person I could be.”

John confessed he had planned the proposal for “about a month or so. I was listening to Howard Stern on the way over and he’s like, 'Oh, Stamos has to do it at Disneyland, she’s the Disney freak.' I was sort of done with Disney. I was like, 'I’ll wait until I have some kids...'"

Asked by "Extra" to confirm that means he wants kids, the 54-year old revealed, “Yeah, that’s certainly the plan.”

Going back to his plan for proposing, John said Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was instrumental in helping plan everything. "He emailed me, 'Hey, I follow you and Caitlin on Instagram, she’s a real Disney freak, isn’t she?' I said, 'By the way, I’m gonna propose to her at Disneyland.' He said, 'Oh, you gotta do this, I gotta do that.' I got a hold of an animator friend of ours, he helped me put a video together of all the romantic moments in Disney Pixar movies."

John definitely won't be getting cold feet. "I waited a really long time and she is perfect," he said with a smile. "I mean, I don’t deserve her, by any means.”

Stamos also chatted about his new role as Willy Wonka in a live production of "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" that plays at the Hollywood Bowl on November 4. He said of the 1971 original film starring the late Gene Wilder as Willy, "It's very iconic. It was the first movie I ever saw... When they asked me to do this, I was hesitant at first. It's big shoes to fill, but I'm not trying to fill his shoes by any means. I'm certainly not doing an impression of him, but I'm not coming up with a new Willy Wonka.”