Michael Douglas' Revelation About His First Date with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas' Revelation About His First Date with Catherine Zeta-Jones

A dapper Michael Douglas hit the red carpet for his new movie “Flatliners” just days after celebrating his birthday, which he shares with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Michael told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “The first night I met her, I found out we had the same birthday and I was like, 'Aw, man... that seals the deal,' and we both thought it was so great. Now she is up to here with having the same birthday — she wants her own day.”

He added, “I will give her anything she wants. I am crazy about her.”

Catherine recently posted a throwback photo of them on one of their first dates, and Michael admitted, “The first night we were together, I told her I was going to be the father of her children.” Renee said she would run if a man said that. Michael smiled, saying, "She did! She said, 'I've heard a lot about you.'”

One of our early dates, a boxing fight in Vegas! You got me at round one. Happy Birthday darling.

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Catherine recently told “Extra" her husband of 17 years is healthy after battling cancer. “I try, I’m working,” he said. “I’m doing the sequel on ‘Ant-Man’ right now, keeping busy, and Catherine will be on the Home Shopping Network... she’s done a hell of a job.”

Douglas is also a producer on “Flatliners” after working on the 1990 original. The film follows five young medical students who attempt to conduct experiments that produce near-death experiences. Calling it a "thriller," Douglas — who won the Oscar for producing 1975's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," told Bargh, “I like producing. I have produced a lot of movies I have done. This turned out very, very well.”

“Flatliners” opens in theaters September 29, 2017.