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Sofía Vergara Opens Up About Baring It All, Plus: Renee on Location with ‘Modern Family’ Cast

Sofía Vergara Opens Up About Baring It All, Plus: Renee on Location with ‘Modern Family’ Cast

Only "Extra’s" Renee Bargh was with the beautiful Sofía Vergara and the cast of “Modern Family” as they filmed on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Sofía’s 13 million Instagram followers love when she posts her latest on-trend looks, and she recently debuted her new bangs… just like Renee's!

Bargh told her, “Sofía, I'm obviously loving the bangs.” Sofía replied, smiling, “Oh yeah, they're so much fun, but when you want to grow them it's a nightmare.”

Vergara bared everything at 45 for her recent Women’s Health cover, calling the experience “scary.”

“Yeah, you don’t want to be naked at 45 — you don’t want to be in shorts at 45! — but it was a big opportunity to show that you can, actually, at 45.” She added, “It came out good. I was happy.”

Sofía also revealed what her husband Joe Manganiello thought about her going nude. “Oh, he was fine, he was easygoing," she said. "He was like, ‘You look great, I love it,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I have this!’ [pointing to her body] He’s like, ‘What?’”

Sofía admitted that like many women, she has her own body-image issues, saying, “Ya know, I’m a woman, we’re never happy with ourselves.”

She does put in work at the gym to stay fit in her forties. “I try to do everything in moderation and now I am 45 so I have to work out a little bit more and I have to take care of myself more.”

Renee also spoke with the “Modern Family” cast about kicking off Season 9 with a Pritchett-Dunphy family vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Rico Rodriguez explained, “It's really great just having all the family together on a big houseboat having fun,” and Sofía added, “I think those are our favorite episodes to shoot.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson dished on what fans can expect, saying, “It's just another classic ‘Modern Family’ takes a vacation together and hilarity ensues.” While Ed O’Neill revealed his character Jay brought the family together to watch the eclipse.

Julie Bowen admitted shooting on the houseboat made her feel a little sick. “I’m just not made for the water,” she said, adding, “some people are water people, I’m not.” Sarah Hyland, Julie’s onscreen daughter, felt right at home, “I love the water. I love boats.”

Ty Burrell teased that “in typical Phil Dunphy fashion… [they’re] shaking me like a rag doll in some way or another.”

Jesse offered a few details about Mitchell’s storyline, saying, “I actually run into an old flame of mine who works at The Bait Shop, which I think sounds like a local gay bar, but it's just an actual bait shop.”

“Modern Family” is back on ABC September 27.