Sneak Peek! 'Gold Rush' Goes 'Mad Max' in New Promo

“Gold Rush” returns October 13, and “Extra” has a sneak peek of the “Mad Max” style competition in store!

This season, gold miner Todd Hoffman lays everything on the line and wagers a massive bet with 22-year-old Parker Schnabel. Confident Todd believes he can pull in the most gold this season. If not, he owes Parker 100 ounces of gold worth over $100,000 dollars. This sets off a head-to-head competition for the season between these two rivals.

Meanwhile, legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets is back and continues his ongoing obsession with dredges. This year, he and his family set the goal to move Dredge #2 and get it mining for gold. He has everything in place, but first needs to convince legendary mine boss Sheamus Christie to help him move it.

Tune in Oct. 13 as Discovery kicks things off at 8 p.m. with a special live event featuring the Mine Bosses, followed by the two-hour “Gold Rush” season premiere at 9 p.m.