Reality Star Drew Scott Joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 25

Reality Star Drew Scott Joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 25

Rumors have been swirling, but it’s official! "Property Brothers” star Drew Scott will be joining the 25th season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Scott, who was the first celebrity announced, revealed on “Good Morning America” that he is partnering with pro dancer Emma Slater. He said, "We’ve actually done two rehearsals. I’m an athletic guy, I’m a sporty guy and I like taking on a challenge, but I’ve never danced before.”

Drew will also being using his karate skills to his advantage on the show. He explained, "We’ve actually been finding that the coordination and the movement from my karate is actually helping me on the dance floor.” Watch!

Emma chimed in, "It’s really handy. I’ve never had anybody with that kind of experience before, but he really knows where to put his body.”

Slater is coming off a win last season, when she was paired with Rashad Jennings. Scott commented, "I want to make it my duty to get her a second mirror ball.”

Drew may have his karate moves down, but what could get in the way of their winning goals? Slater admitted, "His height is going to be the most challenging thing. He’s got these long arms, long legs and there’s about a foot difference between the two of us. So I have to wear my shoes every rehearsal or else my hair whips him in the face.”

More celebrities will be announced in the coming days, so stay tuned!

“Dancing with the Stars” premieres Monday, September 18.