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Ben Higgins: No 'Bachelor' Repeat for Him

Ben Higgins: No 'Bachelor' Repeat for Him
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Ben Higgins is done with the rose thing.

Writing on his blog The Mahogany Workplace, Ben has asserted that he would not be interested in returning to "The Bachelor" or joining the suitors on "The Bachelorette."

Us Weekly reports he wrote, "Let me be straightforward: Being the Bachelor or Bachelorette isn’t always fun and easy. For the most part, the emotional experience puts both the contests and the Bachelor or Bachelorette in extremely difficult situations. By the end of the show everyone is completely drained, which you can expect when you begin and end 25-plus relationships in three months.”

He put a period on the thought with: "To be honest, I do not feel like being the Bachelor would be a wise choice for me right now."

Ben wrote that he isn't ready for another high-profile relationship, and wouldn't be able to "prepare my heart" for that experience.

Ben proposed to Lauren Bushnell on Season 20 of "The Bachelor" in May of last year. The couple broke up this May, with Bushnell recently going public with a new BF, Devin Antin.