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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s One-Word Message to President Trump

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s One-Word Message to President Trump

Broadway sensation Lin Manuel Miranda isn’t shy to express his opinions about President Trump.

Last night, “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson was with Miranda at his hit show “Hamilton” as it opened In Hollywood. Miranda, who brings the founding fathers to life in the musical, took aim at today’s commander in chief with one word: “Resign.”

Reflecting on everything going on in the world, most recently the events in Charlottesville, Miranda commented, “I think I feel an enormous sense of moral clarity. I think we can all agree Nazis are bad, and if we can't agree on that, I do not know where we start. And it’s been heartening to see that come out of the tragic events of the last weekend — you see a real moral resolve growing.”

The 37-year-old is not taking credit for tackling the immigration issue in the story of “Hamilton.” He explained, “‘Hamilton' is a play. I don’t know how much it changes the world; it's just a show.”

“I think what's kind of incredible, it does put the founders in the conversation, it is a reminder of the founders as flawed as they were. Makes them a part of the conversation, and I think it’s good that they are part of the conversation,” he added.

Of what is Manuel proudest? He revealed, “I’m most proud of the incredible companies performing ‘Hamilton' every night — there are so many incredible performers who get to do this show.”

Miranda’s also proud to raise money for the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, including holding a contest to bring a winner to his opening night at the Pantages. He said, “The funds raised by the campaign go to this coalition we created together which is sort of a super group of lots of different nonprofits that are working on different angles of the immigration issue.”