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Actor Ike Barinholtz Suffers Broken Neck After Fall Stunt Went Wrong

Actor Ike Barinholtz Suffers Broken Neck After Fall Stunt Went Wrong

Actor Ike Barinholtz suffered a broken neck after shooting a stunt fall on the set of his film “The Pact.”

People magazine reports Ike’s traumatic accident happened a little over a month ago and left him with two fractured cervical vertebrae. He told the site, "We knew something was wrong right away. It was scary and was touch and go for a while.”

Barinholtz’s doctors have ordered him to keep his neck stabilized as he heals. He said, "Luckily, I’ve had great doctors who have really helped me with my recovery. I do as they tell me.”

The 40-year-old was able to make light of the situation, saying, "I have to wear an incredibly stylish neck brace for a while as the bone heals. It’s a cool look, especially in the summer.”

Barinholtz’s neck injury will be written into the final season of his show “The Mindy Project.” He explained, "After the accident, I talked to Mindy [Kaling] and we agreed that the only option was writing it into the show. Luckily, on 'The Mindy Project,' I play a character who could break his neck falling out of his bunk bed and it’s completely believable.”

Despite his injury, Ike is not slowing down and has already started work on the last season of “The Mindy Project.” He commented, "I’ve even directed an episode, although I have found it’s hard to command respect while in a neck brace.”

As for what he’s taken out of the accident, Ike used humor to say, "Sometimes it takes getting hurt to realize how lucky you are to have great people in your life. My family has been taking amazing care of me, and Mindy and all the folks at the show have been so kind. Also, many friends have sent lots of food which is great — but I can’t exercise, so in a way, it’s exceptionally cruel.”