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Salma Hayek on George Clooney’s Twins and the Time Trump Tried to Ask Her Out

Salma Hayek on George Clooney’s Twins and the Time Trump Tried to Ask Her Out

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Salma Hayek to chat about George Clooney’s twins, the time President Donald Trump tried to ask her out, and her new Juice Generation smoothies and beauty masks.

Salma joked that the Clooney twins will be so popular, their dad will have a hard time getting his turn to hold them! “I just don’t know if he understands how much he’s going to have to fight to try to get five seconds with those kids,” she said. Hayek, who co-starred with George in “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn,” said, “I think it’s fantastic. He’s so lucky because Amal is Lebanese like me —we’re really good mothers. I’m sure that everybody’s going crazy with these twins and he’s going to have to work to kiss his own children.”

The 50-year-old also confessed that President Trump once asked her out years ago, trying to get her number from her boyfriend at the time. She explained, “Got the numbers and then he was only calling me but I never did.” Salma added, “So I guess not all the women he can go and grab! You know? Because he's powerful and rich. Not everybody!”

Salma is helping everybody feel good and look good with her at-home Juice Generation smoothies that are also natural moisturizers. She showed AJ, “You get the smoothies like this, 18 flavors but we only have three masks, that is for beauty you can drink the beauty or you can apply the beauty either on your face or your whole body. Oh, they’re so good and it comes with a brush.” She added, “You have all your vitamins, vegetables and different servings of fruit — it tastes delicious and it’s very romantic because you can put it on your face and your whole body and then somebody’s going to have to help take it off.”