Rob Thomas Reveals Big Changes Coming to 'iZombie’ Season 4

Rob Thomas Reveals Big Changes Coming to 'iZombie’ Season 4

“iZombie” Season 3 went out with a bang as the world learned that zombies exist!

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Proceed only if you have seen the Season 3 finale.

The finale ended with many Seattleites unknowingly being infected with the zombie virus, the existence of zombies being revealed on the evening news, and Chase Graves, of Fillmore-Graves, announcing a plan to keep the undead under control.

With discovery day in the rear view, caught up with co-creator Rob Thomas to get the scoop on what’s in store for Season 4.

For starters, Seattle – aka zombie central – will be cut off from the outside world. Rob said the “government is going to put up a wall” around the city, likening it to “West Berlin.”

Many will want to get in, including those who are sick and need the healing powers of zombie-ism, but this causes problems for Chase Graves as he tries to feed the undead population.

“There will be humans who want to get in to Seattle because they are terminally ill and they want to be scratched,” Thomas said. “They want to continue living, and Chase Graves is going to be faced with this crisis where they barely have enough brains to feed the zombies they have in the city and they can’t have anyone creating more zombies. Those will be mouths that they don’t have enough brains to feed. Do they let these dying humans come in or is he going to try to prevent it? We are really interested in exploring that.”

The zombie epidemic will also rip families apart, causing Major, who decided to become a zombie again in the finale, to “dust off his old social worker persona.”

Thomas said Major “starts working with these zombie teenagers who are homeless because their parents have thrown them out of the house, because they were turned into zombies and they don’t want zombies living in their house around their other kids for fear that they will turn them.”

He said there is also the “notion of terrorism,” saying, “Major is going to be out on patrol and patrolling curfews and there are going to be humans throwing rocks at them. It is going to be like Israeli soldiers wandering through the West Bank trying to keep order.”

What do all these changes mean for Liv? As viewers know, she uses the psychic abilities she gets from eating brains to help the police solve crimes.

“We are still going to solve crimes,” Rob said. “I don’t know that we will ever lose that because so much of the fun of the show is Liv eating a brain each week. People would miss that so much, we would miss that so much.”

He continued, “There is still crime in Seattle… the Seattle Police Department will handle murders of humans, but there is going to be a detective from Fillmore-Graves who will handle murders where zombies are victims. There are going to be new zombies in the Seattle homicide unit, including Bozzio who works with the Seattle human detectives to solve murders because now that it is out in the open it seems like a better way to solve crimes. Why not make use of zombies in there?”

Fans will get to learn about the inner workings of the quarantined Seattle through many of the crimes, for example, Rob says the first murder of the season will be a man who works at a brain processing plant, so they can show where food for the undead comes from.

One cliffhanger from the finale was whether Ravi, who was working on a vaccine, will become a zombie after he asked Liv to scratch him. Rob promised an answer to that in the first episode, saying, “We will answer that question very quickly.”

Meanwhile, Thomas said brain dealer Blaine will be thriving. “We keep thinking of him as Rick from Casablanca. He is the guy who can get you whatever you need. He opens a new high-end brain restaurant where Shady Plots used to be. It is cemetery to table service called Romero’s.

"iZombie" will be back on The CW in 2018.