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How Will Corinne & DeMario's Scandal Affect 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

How Will Corinne & DeMario's Scandal Affect 'Bachelor in Paradise'?
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People magazine has published an investigative piece looking at the future of the "Bachelor in Paradise" franchise in light of the Corinne Olympios/DeMario Jackson scandal, highlighting the uncertainty the unexpected drama has brought to the next season of the hit show.

When two producers and one contestant raised concerns about what happened between Olympios and Jackson during a moment filmed for the show, it may have put an end to the uninhibited vibe of a series that sends a beautiful cast of singles to an idyllic location where partying is a priority.

A former producer told People, "The whole point is that to succeed you need to make friends, and people feel it’s advantageous to drink and hook up and find a boyfriend or girlfriend." The producer compared "BIP" to summer camp, saying it's like "real life is suspended" in favor of "around-the-clock partying."

The same producer also asserted, "Theres's a lot of sex on the various shows that happens that never airs."

"BIP" contender Ryan Beckett of Season 3 told People, "It’s not unprecedented that people would get drunk and hook up on the show."

Whatever happened between Olympios and Jackson — she has identified herself as a "victim," Jackson has denied any wrongdoing and complained about his character being "assassinated," producers have declared there was "no misconduct" — it is likely to affect how cast members behave as the new season gets back underway. (It is set to air this summer.)

DeMario Jackson and his attorneys want all footage to be released, believing it will reveal nothing untoward happened.

Though Season 4 cast member Jasmine Goode did not witness the encounter in question, she said of Olympios and Jackson, “Everyone saw them kissing and having fun together. To me and everyone else, it just seemed like crazy, fun Corinne that we’re used to, because for the next two days we kept filming.”

We may never know what really happened — producers have declined to release the footage, although People confirmed that both Olympios and Jackson have seen it — but viewers are likely to tune in to see how the cast mixes and mingles in light of all the increased scrutiny.