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Tom Cruise Reveals He’s a 'Total Romantic'

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with Tom Cruise for a new one-on-one interview in London as he promoted his latest movie, “The Mummy.”

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Cruise, who is currently crisscrossing the globe to promote the action film, is known as the world’s most dedicated action star. He told AJ about pulling off yet another death-defying stunt for “The Mummy” reboot and revealed that when it comes to his personal, life he is a total romantic.

Tom is back in action with some of the most daring stunts of all time, including an insane, zero-gravity stunt. “I loved it,” Tom said. “A sequence like that you can't train for, you just have to do it. It was a great challenge, I think, for the whole crew because we had to build the set inside this aircraft. We had to convince, you know Zero G, to allow us to build the set inside the aircraft.”

He is still going strong and still training like a beast at age 54, even taking his shirt off in a scene for “The Mummy.”

“Gotta get in the pain cave, man,” Cruise said. "That’s the workout room we have. I call it the 'pain cave,' and underneath it says, ‘Only the motivated may enter.'” Cruise even works out with the crew. “It's like, this isn't a vacation, man. To me, it's a vacation but I have a very odd sense of what a vacation is. I'm very active on my vacations, so yeah, we have the morning crew, we'll come in and we'll do a warm-up. The cast [and] anyone who wants to come in, and we just take ten minutes and fifteen minutes and wake everyone up and it's usually either after my workout or before my workout or warm-up, depending on what I have that day.”

The superstar is always staying fit for his next role, explaining, “I'm always fit or trained. Just making movies, you've got to be fit. I feel for myself, I've got to just take care of myself — making movies, it's my passion.”

The actor, who plans to spend his upcoming birthday on set, shows no signs of slowing down. AJ joked that a date with Tom isn’t going to the movies, it must involve something like parachuting. Tom laughed, saying, “You have no idea! You know me — I'm 100 percent or nothing. I’m just not interested in halfway.”

What he is interested in is walks in the park. “I am a total romantic. I like a walk through the park. I like all that stuff, you know? I really love traveling."

Two major movies in Tom’s future include “MI: 6,” filming all over the word, and the long-awaited “Top Gun” sequel. “It's going to happen,” he confirmed of “Top Gun 2,” saying, “We're going to shoot it next year.”

Breaking news to AJ, he hinted he may be involved in a new TV series bases on his “Interview with the Vampire” film that co-starred Brad Pitt. “We're going to see what's going to happen. It's all worked out. You'll see, you'll see as it's going to develop.”