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James Corden Teases Prime-Time Special & Harry Styles’ Residency

It was a reunion of sorts as “Extra’s” special correspondent, British TV host Mark Wright, interviewed his friend from home, James Corden, backstage at “The Late Late Show.”

James is getting ready to take his talents to prime time with a special. He told Mark, “We have a big… special which is gonna have some of our highlights from the last 12 months on the air, and then a wealth of new things. So we have a brand-new Carpool Karaoke with Katy Perry. We have a Toddlerography with Jennifer Lopez — it's me and Jennifer Lopez in a dance class being taught only by 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds, then we'll be showing some of the things we’ve loved over the past 12 months.”

“We've shot a big musical opening which is maybe the biggest opening to a show we've ever done,” he revealed.

Plus, fellow Brit Harry Styles is going to be in residence on the show! Corden shared, “Yeah, he's coming in for a week. He’ll be playing a new song every night. We have some fun things lined up.” When Mark joked, “And he's sleeping here,” James replied, “We might let him go home to have a shower.”

James also dished on his signature Carpool Karaoke segment being a massive hit. He knew it was a good idea but wasn’t expecting it to be big as it is. He said, "That segment has been the very thing that has brought people to out show. It’s been a gateway to our show — I will always be very, very indebted to it.”

What’s his favorite part about the popular segments? “The intimacy… The thing I am most proud of is the interview.”

And, of course, we couldn’t end this interview without testing his music knowledge. Check it out!