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Why Sean Spicer Thinks It Will Be ‘Great’ When Alec Baldwin Stops Doing Donald Trump ‘SNL’ Skits

Why Sean Spicer Thinks It Will Be ‘Great’ When Alec Baldwin Stops Doing Donald Trump ‘SNL’ Skits

Earlier this morning, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with White House press secretary Sean Spicer, two days after Melissa McCarthy reprised her role as Spicer this weekend on “SNL.”

At the 139th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Sean avoided the topic, telling AJ, "I'm focused on the Easter Egg Roll and obviously on a lot of policy issues that are facing us. That's what we work for every day, to make sure that we're focused on the President's agenda, and I will keep all that to be for others to decide.”

Two months ago, Spicer told “Extra” that her impersonation was a little “off" while attending the Super Bowl.

AJ also informed Spicer that Alec Baldwin, who also played Trump this weekend, may hang up his hat as the President on the show soon. Spicer responded, “That’s great. Obviously, it's crossed the line from being funny to being bad and mean, so it's probably good for the show.”

Aside from “SNL,” the press secretary was happy to talk about the President’s first 100 days. He raved, “If you look at what the President's done the first hundred days, he's not only nominated and had a Supreme Court Justice confirmed that's going to be around for a long time making sure conservative values are a part of the court for another generation, he's been a huge friend of deregulation, making sure businesses can continue to hire and grow in the United States, and we're seeing jobs come back from all sorts of sectors.”

“And on the national security front, I think the President has been very decisive on reasserting the U.S.'s place in the world, making sure people understand the U.S. is going to continue to be a leader to protect our country,” he continued.

Though some may disapprove, Spicer is a big fan of the President’s use of Twitter, commenting, “He has a level of authenticity and an ability to have a direct conversation with the American people unlike no other president has been able to.”