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Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals Why She ‘Disappeared’ from Hollywood

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer made a big name for herself in the '80s and '90s, but then slowly “disappeared” from the spotlight.

Pfeiffer was nominated for three Oscars, for her work in “Love Field,” “The Fabulous Baker Boys,” and “Dangerous Liaisons.” Despite her accolades, Pfeiffer found it difficult to balance her time acting with her time at home with her kids. Before 2017, her last film credit was in 2013’s “The Family.”

In the new issue of Interview magazine, the 58-year-old shared, “I’ve never lost my love for acting. I feel really at home on the movie set. I’m a more balanced person, honestly, when I’m working. But I was pretty careful about where I shot, how long I was away, whether or not it worked out with the kids’ schedule. And I got so picky that I was unhirable. And then… I don’t know, time just went on.”

Michelle and her husband of 23 years, David E. Kelley, are the parents of Claudia Rose, 24, and John Henry, 22. Nowadays, she’s “an empty-nester,” who is returning to acting with projects including “The Wizard of Lies,” “Mother!” and a remake of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express.” She said, "I’m more open now, my frame of mind, because I really want to work now, because I can. These last few years I’ve had some really interesting opportunities.”

Pfeiffer also revealed why she disliked being interviewed, saying, “I think it may be that I have this constant fear that I'm a fraud and that I'm going to be found out.”

"But I think that's because I started working fairly quickly and I wasn't ready. I didn't have any formal training. I didn't come from Juilliard,” she continued. "I was just getting by and learning in front of the world. So I've always had this feeling that one day they're going to find out that I'm really a fraud, that I really don't know what I'm doing."

For more on Michelle, grab a copy of the April issue of Interview magazine!